galleries of my work



1. African Natural History Research Trust, a newly established charity working on moths and butterflies. 14.5ft x 5.5ft

1a. African Natural History Research Trust.Detail.

1b. African Natural History Research Trust.Detail.

1c. African Natural History Research Trust.Detail.

2. St Mary’s Church, Newent, Glos.
North chancel window, 11ft x 6ft.

3. St Luke and St Andrew’s Church, Priston, nr Bath.
South window, in memory of Margaret and Jim Hopwood.
Each 88ins x 21ins.

3a. St Luke and St Andrew’s Church.Detail.

4. The Falcon Guest House, How Caple, Herefordshire.
Stained glass in the dining room, 4ft x 4ft.

5. Private house, Bath.
Mezzanine window.

6. Private house, Herefordshire.
Bathroom window.

7. New Cross Fire Memorial Window, St Andrew’s Church, Brockley, Sth London.
In memory of the 14 young people who died in the New Cross Fire in 1981, 23ft x 5ft.



8. Winter Solstice.
Exhibition window.

9. St Michael’s Church, Lyonshall, Herefordshire.
In memory of Lucy Thomas, aged 9 – 50ins x 40ins.

10. Reflections 1.Exhibition window.

11. Reflections 2.Exhibition window.

12. St Mary’s Church, Cusop, Herefordshire.
Central lancet, East window, 76ins x 23ins.

13. Goodrich Castle Chapel.

14. Station 10 – Jesus is crucified.Exhibition window.

15. Pentecost.Private commission.

16. Tewkesbury Hospital, Gloucestershire.
108ins x 24ins.

17. Risen! Triptych at Monnow Valley Arts Centre, Herefordshire.

18. Risen! Panel 2.

19. Risen! Panel 3.



20. St Catherine’s Church, Pontypridd.
Detail – left-hand light.

21. Still small voice.Exhibition window. (Photo: Alex Ramsay)

22. Still small voice.Detail.

23. St Mary’s Church, Burghill, Herefordshire.
In memory of Steve Hilder. 24ins x 6ins.

24. St Mary’s Church, Burghill, Herefordshire. Detail.

25. From the Studio.

26. Broxwood Courtprivate chapel window.